In Solidarity Against Injustice

In Solidarity Against Injustice
June 9, 2020 AulderAdmin
Dear Aulder|ZPM Community,
I want to send a message about the awakening that I believe the country is experiencing today.  First, it is important to know that what is happening right now matters.  It is my sincere hope that this moment will not just pass us by, but be a turning point that leads to real change.  
We must see and recognize the injustices that have historically, and are currently, plaguing Black individuals and communities in America.  We must also educate ourselves about what must change, speak out against atrocities, and be a part of the solution.  It is my hope that the United States can become a place where these injustices will no longer exist.  Our Management Team, senior leaders, and I are making a commitment to create change in our company, and in the communities where we are invested and do business.  
Through continued involvement in the communities we serve, with the help of our leadership and employees, our Social Impact committee, and other dedicated efforts, we must work hard to eliminate discrimination and racial injustice.  Aulder|ZPM Management has strived to be a diverse and inclusive company, with the majority of its employees being women, minorities, veterans, and LGBTQ individuals.  However, I also recognize that that same diversity does not extend to every level of our operation, namely our Management Team and senior leadership.  We must do better!   
We’ve begun the process of assembling a Diversity and Inclusion task force to evaluate every aspect of our business, with the ability to implement sustainable change where it is needed.  We will build a truly diverse organization with a focus on equality, education and the support of Blacks and POC.  
As we continue to move from conversation to action, you will hear more from us.  Collectively, we can listen, learn, speak up, and effect change.
Michael Zito
CEO and Managing Partner
Aulder Capital and ZPM Management